where i’ve been…

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope you all have had a good start to your week. I know my week has started out a bit stressful, but I'll get into that later on. I know my family reading this may disagree with my enthusiasm for being transparent with my posts, but the best part of … Continue reading where i’ve been…

Apps I Use Daily

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! I hope your day has been great! Now that it's summer, I know we are all winding down and chillin out just a bit. I know I am. I'm excited to turn my brain off for the next few months (kidding!). For most of us out there, apps are slowing growing … Continue reading Apps I Use Daily

The Great Wicker Furniture Debate

I bet you're asking yourself why I would bother writing a whole post about wicker furniture, but the debate ending up being way more interesting than I could've anticipated. So, let me start out with some background information. I move into my first place in July. Naturally, I have to buy my own furniture, and … Continue reading The Great Wicker Furniture Debate

New Blog Design, New Me!

I think we can all relate to needing a little change here and there. I definitely needed some change in my life. My old blog design was very dark and moody, so hopefully this new design will help to brighten things up a bit. I've been busy with finals, but now it's summer!! Cheers to … Continue reading New Blog Design, New Me!

Favorite TV Shows to Binge Watch!

Let's be honest. It rains a TON in Dahlonega. The only thing I want to do when it rains is watch Netflix on my laptop. That gave me the idea to create a list of my favorite TV shows to watch while it rains! The Twilight Zone- This show is a classic! There's something about … Continue reading Favorite TV Shows to Binge Watch!

My Jesus Routine

Hi Guys! Happy Sunday to you all! HAPPY EASTER! What a great day to celebrate JESUS! I hope your week was great! I want try something new where I spend more time with Jesus, and what a better way to start than with this! I know that I definitely need more TLC aka Time Loving … Continue reading My Jesus Routine

Spring 2019 Beauty Favorites and Routine

Happy Thursday guys! I hope your day has been great! I know my week has been pretty good. How was your week? My last beauty post did very well, and since its spring, I thought I would do it again! I'll be honest, beauty takes a backseat in my life recently. Since I don't wake … Continue reading Spring 2019 Beauty Favorites and Routine

Finals Prep Hacks!

Hi y'all! Happy Tuesday 🙂 I hope you guys have had a great week! I know I have! My sister got married over the weekend, and it was the cutest ceremony ever. But now that fun time is over, it's time for work (sadly). The one thing I realized that I needed the most for … Continue reading Finals Prep Hacks!

I’m Back! (hopefully)

I'm gonna quickly apologize for the lack of posts. My classes aren't any harder than they were last semester, but my work load feels like it has been tripled. I'm hoping to post a real post later today (or week), so look forward to the next post! Remember that you can get notifications of my … Continue reading I’m Back! (hopefully)

My Favorite Ramen Recipe

It's no secret that you really learn how to cook in college, but not in the traditional way. I've always been a huge fan of ramen growing up, but now it's all I eat. I've kinda became a self-proclaimed ramen chef. Not to brag, but I make such good ramen. Now the thing about cooking … Continue reading My Favorite Ramen Recipe